About Me

I have always been drawn to advertising. The text, images, symmetry and colours all combined to create a powerful whole. The beauty of the impression, and the message it leaves behind, and propels forward.

Design is not just about one thing, not just about the image, the picture, the logo, it’s about the story as portrayed in that moment, and my love of design is telling that story.

My journey into graphic design started as early as primary school, where I started to learn Calligraphy, writing stories and drawing comics. Then as I moved into school and college I became more interested in art, photography and poetry. Finally taking a degree in Fashion Design where I was introduced to the limitless possibilities of Photoshop and digital design.

After finishing my degree I started work with a Real Estate company specialising in student accommodation. There I worked on their graphics, website and photography, devising a marketing plan which continued to bring them success twelve years later.

Deciding I wanted to diversify into other areas of work, I started to volunteer with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. I enjoyed working with the Trust so much it made me realise that I wanted to set up freelance.

And here I am, looking forward to expanding my portfolio and working on lots of different and exciting projects.

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